This is the Labour legacy.

From 1997 - 2010 Labour changed our country.

13 Years of Labour


£1 trillion of debt

Under the Labour government our national debt rose to £1 trillion, leaving our kids and the future generation to pick up the tab.


£170 billion annual deficit

Gordon Brown and his team (Ed Milliband & Ed Balls) initiated a programme of spending that saw our annual deficit rise to £170 billion a year.


Scrapped the 10p tax rate

Individuals on the lowest incomes lost £230 as a result of the abolition of the 10p rate. Labour does not stand for the working man!


An illegal War

Despite 1 million protestors on the streets of London, Tony Blair authorised war with Iraq to remove weapons of mass destruction. There were no WMD and despite many experts advising against the war, it cost UK taxpayers £15 billion (£500 per taxpayer).


£20 billion NHS system failure

NHS computer system is scrapped... and it's all YOUR money that Labour poured down the drain. Read more...


Welfare & Benefits

In 13 years Labour increased the welfare budget by 45% to £147 billion a year. Claimants were able to claim more in benefits than working families across Britain.



From 1997 - 2010 Labour allowed 4,000,000(4m) into Britain. Many of these individuals could not and would not work and many came to claim the benefits that Labour had increased so much.


Fuel Duty

In 13 years the Labour government increased fuel duty 12 times even while the price of oil more than doubled due largely to the war in Iraq.

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Britain back from the dead...

Since 2010 we have..


Halved the deficit

Under this government Britain has brought its spending and borrowing to sustainable levels. We halved the annual deficit in just 5 years.


Cut taxes for 30 million people

This government has increased the tax free allowance to over £10,000. Conservatives plan to increase it to £12,000 by 2020.


Legalised gay marriage

Since March 2014 same sex marriage has been legal in England. Something Labour never managed to achieve in their 13 years of government.


Ended an illegal war

Our involvement in Iraq ended in 2011. A war that should never have taken place.


Free school meals

All pupils at infant schools in England get free school lunches, allowing families to make savings on daily meals for their children.


Scrapped the £20 billion NHS system failure

The Coalition announced it was putting a halt to years of Labours scandalous waste of taxpayers' money on a system that never worked. Read more...


Reformed welfare & benefits

Conservatives implemented vast changes in the welfare system. It is now impossible to claim more in benefits than the average UK wage of £23,000 a year. This ended the ability for people to claim over £50,000 a year in benefits and not working a single day or contributing to the system.


Cut non-EU immigration

Conservatives have installed new visa requirement and immigration laws for people coming to this country from outside the EU. Unfortunately due to the Lisbon Treaty freedom of movement became a principle of the EU. This was a treaty that Labour promised a referendum on, but failed to keep it. They signed it even though a host of countries, including France and Ireland rejected it before it was finally forced through.


Frozen fuel duty

Conservative government has continually frozen or cut fuel duty. Under the government fuel prices have dropped to lows not seen since before the Iraq conflict.



Conservatives made it a central promise in 2015 to let the British people decide. On 23rd June, 2016 Britain voted to leave the EU.

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